How It Works

Every Legal is a legal questions and answers forum. Our aim is simple to make the law more accessible for all.


Every Legal is a legal questions and answers forum where people can ask their legal questions and have them answered by legal professionals or people with similar experiences. Our aim is to create an active legal knowledge platform empowering people with access to free legal information.

So if you have a legal question, sign up and start posting. Simply select the category to which you would like to post your question in and you will be notified as soon as you have an answer.


Anyone can post answers to questions providing you are a member, whether you have had a similar experience or happen to know about the particular area the question relates to feel free to share your experience and knowledge.

Legal Professionals

If you are a legal professional you will be able to sign up as a legal professional, once confirmed you will have a legal professional badge that will be displayed once you post an answer or a question. As a legal professional we request that you do not attempt to solicit work, however comment and share your expertise on a pro bono basis, you are able to include information relating to your firm or practice on the bio area of your profile. However, beyond this more blatant advertising is not permitted on this forum.

Point and Badges

The aim of this legal questions and answers forum is to create an active community sharing knowledge and experiences. For this this reason to denote we have a points and badges system in place so when you post a question or an answer you receive points and corresponding badges. The more questions and answers you post the more points you will accumulate. This encourages community engagement and validation.


Commentator – 1 Point

Scholar – 10 Points

Expert – 20 Points

Legal Professional – Confirmed upon registration

All questions and answers are public and visible to all other visitors. You must be a member to post a question or your answer to a question.

Please note that any information or opinions within this Q&A forum are simply for information purposes only. Any responses are not intended to constitute legal or professional advice.